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About Us

The artist behind Simply Devine Paverpol is Mary Lou Devine who lives and creates in North Gower, Ontario.  Upon retiring from the federal government in 2009, Mary Lou had great plans to, among other things, further develop her artistic skills through courses in acrylic and oil painting and other media, resulting in the creation of pieces for her own and her family’s pleasure.
However, since she  discovered Paverpol, those plans have fallen by the wayside as her Paverpol work has become all-encompassing.  She is fully dedicated to this medium and is in her studio on a daily basis, creating new pieces for sale and for her collection.  Mary Lou also teaches others how to use Paverpol products and takes great pleasure in sharing her experience and seeing the look of surprise and joy on the faces of those who complete the workshop and leave with their own unique sculptures.
In 2014, Mary Lou became the Eastern Ontario distributor of Paverpol products and has created an online store which allows customers to order Paverpol products easily.
 Mary Lou attends numerous art/craft sales and attends various art tours throughout eastern Ontario.
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